Description of Center for Learning Excellence Staff - Indonesia International Institute for Life Sciences (i3L)

Job Description
1. Assessing faculty needs for development, designing programs to meet identified needs, and assessing the effectiveness of programs from attendance, satisfaction, and outcomes
2. Designs the infrastructure for pedagogical training, support, or faculty development for teaching to faculty at large through workshops, colloquia, seminars, or individual consultation
3. Guides faculty in the integration of technology to support teaching and learning
4. Collaborates with the staff in Information Technology, to improve and assure smooth operation of the learning management system
5. Assures consistent implementation of the Institute's academic policies
6. Assures compliance of the Institute's academic policies with the government regulation
7. Teach one course each academic year in first-year general courses
8. Monitors faculty's teaching performance

1. Earn at least a Master Degree in Pedagogy, Education, Education Technology, or related field
2. Having teaching experience at a regionally-accredited institution of higher education, preferably science-related course
3. Deep understanding of theories of learning, curricular design, and innovative teaching strategies
4. Experience with assessment of student learning and program outcomes
5. Experience with design of courses in three delivery modes (face-to-face, hybrid/blended, and online)
6. Ability to adjust and adapt to a multitude of situations in the academic environment
7. Strong analytical, problem-solving, communication, and interpersonal skills
8. Excellent English communication skill is mandatory

Placement in Pulomas, East Jakarta

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