Description of Internal Audit Officer - CROWDE

1. Create operational, financial, and internal process compliance audits planning in accordance with risk management guidelines method and principles. As well as determining the audit scope
2. Obtain the necessary information, reports, accounting documentation, working papers, etc. for audit materials
3. Perform audit cycles (fieldwork and data evaluation) to identify findings of risks, non compliance, and operational effectiveness
4. Develop objective audit report that reflects the validity of audit activity and comprehensive analysis
5. Perform the exit conference for auditees and management and give corrective recommendations that inline with the risk based concept

1. A bachelor's degree in accounting, finance, or a related field is often required.
2. Adequate working experience with extensive capabilities in risk management related to Fintech, Banking, or Multifinance
3. Detail & target-oriented
4. Strong written and oral communications
5. Great interpersonal skill

Placement: Hybrid

Location and openings:

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