Description of Team Leader Field Agent - CROWDE

Job Description
1. Monitor the flow of financing for agricultural cultivation from the beginning of the process financing (Disbursement) up to the refund process (Repayment);
2. Recapitulate the date of disbursement of funds inward system;
3. Report the agricultural cultivation process by following the SOP valid;
4. Provide training to New Field Agents;
5. Coordinating with Admin Operations to determine the FA visit schedule;
6. Ensure that the FA submits applications for distribution of costs & supplies according to SLA;
7. Ensure FA carries out reporting on monitoring tasks;
8. Ensure that the harvest schedule can be implemented;
9. Replace FA who is unable to attend.

Minimum Requirements
1. Man;
2. Max age. 35 years old;
3. SMA/SMK graduates, D3, or S1 majoring in Agrotechnology, Agribusiness, ATPH and/or the like;
4. Have experience as an agricultural instructor min. 1 year;
5. Have experience as a Leader min. 1 year and supervising minimum 10 people;
6. Understand the work area well;
7. Have a laptop & Android smartphone;
8. Have a motorbike & active SIM C;
9. Have good communication;
10. Have a leadership spirit;
11. Firm & disciplined;
12. Willing to work with high mobility.

Placement: Onsite

Location and openings:
- Purwakarta - Bandung Barat - Bandung (1)
- Brebes - Tegal - Pemalang (1)

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